Outdoor LED String Lights

What You Should Know About Outdoor LED String Lights

When you are looking to buy outdoor LED string lighting, there are a few things to keep in mind. These include the wet location rating, battery type, and customization options.

Sizes available

Outdoor LED string lights come in various shapes and sizes. They can be a great way to add some light and decoration to your backyard. You can choose from bright white, warm white, or color-changing lights. Color-changing lights are usually controlled with a smartphone app. They aren’t UL Listed, but you can control them to match the look of your space. Typically, they are dimmer compatible.

For outdoor use without an outlet, solar lights are a good choice. Although they are not UL Listed, they do offer a high level of durability. If you’re planning on using your lights for an event, they can be used to illuminate large areas. These lights are also budget-friendly. Commercial-grade stringers are often more expensive than consumer-grade models. The main difference is that commercial-grade stringers are made with a higher wattage rating. This allows them to withstand different environmental conditions.

LED Lighting
LED Lighting

Wet location rating

Outdoor LED string lights add a little ambiance to outdoor spaces. They can illuminate patios, decks, walkways, and even paths to doors. These lights can be found in a variety of styles and sizes. The first step in choosing a wet-rated light is to decide where it’s going to be installed. Wet locations include outdoor areas that are exposed to rain, sleet, snow, or other liquid. Typical wet locations are uncovered garages, exterior walls of buildings, and stairwells.

When installing lights in an outdoor location, it’s important to select a wet-rated product. LED bulbs, for instance, have a rating from Underwriters Laboratories that will indicate how well they handle moisture. A wet-rated light can help you achieve the maximum value from your fixtures. Lights with this rating have waterproof seals that protect the electrical components from foreign elements and water.

Rechargeable vs solar-powered

If you want to add a unique touch to your outdoor space, consider using solar-powered string lights. These lights come in a variety of styles and can be easily wrapped around trees and fences. You may also like the added convenience of having a remote control to turn them on and off.

These string lights are made from durable plastic. They’re also able to be dimmed from a distance. In addition, they’re designed to be weather resistant, so they’re perfect for outdoor use. Some models even have WiFi-enabled controls, so it’s easy to switch them on and off when you’re away from home. The brightest of these are capable of producing over 100 lumens of light. Solar-powered string lights are also able to be fully charged on cloudy days. But if you want to enjoy a full eight hours of lighting, you will need to keep them in the sun during the day.

Safety precautions to take

When using outdoor LED string lights, there are certain safety precautions you should take. These include not overloading the outlet. Unplugging the lights when you’re done using them can decrease the risk of shock. This also lowers the risk of fire. GFCI outlets are recommended when installing outdoor lighting. They are a type of outlet that will cut the power if it detects a problem. The outlet prevents dangerous short circuits from occurring.

Cord domes are also recommended. Cord domes are similar to cord protectors but are specifically designed to fit both the power strip and the connections. However, they are not completely waterproof. They should be kept away from water. You can also prevent the risk of a broken bulb by replacing it with a new one. Most replacement bulbs cost less than three dollars at home-improvement stores. It’s best to replace all bulbs at the same time to keep the lighting bright.

Outdoor LED String Lighting
Outdoor LED String Lighting

Customization options

You can customize your outdoor LED string lighting for your needs. Whether you are looking for an easy way to brighten up your pool area or just want a fun way to light up your yard, you can find a variety of styles and options.

A variety of lights are available for your outdoor use, from plug-in string lights to solar-powered models. While plug-in lights are a good choice for indoors, solar-powered string lights are ideal for outdoors because they can be recharged in the sunlight. Some lights can be integrated with smart home devices like your smart speakers. This allows you to turn on and off the lights based on an event, like a nightly countdown timer. The best options for customization are multi-colored LED string lights, which allow you to control the color and brightness of each bulb. These can be operated using a simple remote or a smartphone app.


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