Benefits of Using Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting

Benefits of Using Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting

A quality outdoor lighting system can have a significant impact on the safety and professionalism of your property. It can also be a major watt consumer and cause your electric bill to increase. Upgrading to commercial LED outdoor lighting can dramatically reduce energy costs, eliminate regular maintenance and improve light quality. The options are endless and varied.

Area/Parking Lot Lights

Whether it’s a massive surface parking lot or a truck terminal, lighting is essential to ensure safety for your customers and employees. Parking lots have a variety of requirements including uniformity of illuminance, color rendering, and light spill that does not interfere with adjacent properties (light trespass).

Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting
Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting

LED area lights are the perfect choice for your parking lot replacement project. They offer a lower operating cost than traditional HID fixtures and can easily meet the required lumens on the ground. LEDs also provide a better color rendering index than HID lamps which makes it easier for your customers to see where they’re going and what’s in front of them.

Area/Street Lights

Commercial LED street lights are used to illuminate large paved areas and walkways. They are typically mounted on a pole that can be adjusted to provide varying illumination levels as needed. This type of lighting is ideal for industrial and commercial parking lots, as well as public squares and pathways.

The lighting of roads, sidewalks, and medians is essential to safe travel in the dark. It helps people feel safer when crossing the road, and it also makes sure that drivers can see pedestrians clearly as they make their way along the roadway. The city usually installs new lights in high-traffic areas first, such as busy intersections and mid-block locations on residential streets.

Wall Packs

Easily replace traditional metal halide wall packs with high-tech LED models. These LED solutions are ideal for apartment buildings, overhead door lighting and other applications where a lot of light is required at night. We carry several different styles of LED wall pack lights to help you find the right one for your specific application.

These fixtures mount flush to the building wall and can be used with a photo eye in a dusk-to-dawn application. Several features can be selected for your new wall pack, like a clear or frosted lens, prisms and other structures that help direct the light, and the type of control system you’d like to use (e.g. motion sensors, photocells).

Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting
Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting

Keep in mind that lumen output has replaced wattage as the primary measure of a fixture’s performance. This means that you’ll need to know the lumen requirement for your application and compare the available products based on this metric. You may also want to select a model with a glare shield that helps block and redirect the light downward.


Often used at parking garages, gas stations, loading docks, railway station platforms, and any area under an overhead structure, canopy lights are ceiling-mounted outdoor light fixtures that replace metal halide or high pressure sodium bulbs. They offer a clean and safe lighting solution and increase the visibility of any area underneath them. These fixtures are typically available as a surface mount or pendant mount, depending on the type of ceiling and how much clearance is available from the ground. They are also usually rated for wet locations, meaning they can be exposed to water and dust without risk of damage.

Canopies are commonly found at swimming pools and aquatic centers, as they provide shade to patrons lounging poolside, shielding them from UV rays and keeping them cool. Similarly, they are often present at stadiums and athletic fields to protect athletes and spectators from the sun’s harsh glare. They can be constructed from a wide range of materials, including wood, and they are easy to customize for a unique look.

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