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Set The Perfect Mood For Your Special Occasions With Our Event Lighting Services.
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Elevate Your Business with Tailored Lighting and Festive Holiday Lights

Lighting features have many different purposes, and it is important to decide which features will benefit your company the most. Whether you are interested in holiday lighting or outdoor lighting, our lighting crew can help you with decisions that may impact your commercial property significantly. Nothing changes the environment of a business quite like appropriate lighting fixtures that welcome people, as they enter your commercial property.
We also offer commercial clients lighting services for the Holiday season. As winter approaches, many business owners find themselves overwhelmed with all of the activities that they have to do, in order to prepare their business for the customary Holiday rush. Let us relieve some of your stresses, by illuminating your commercial property with beautiful, customized Holiday lights! Our team members can work with you to ensure that your place shines during the Holidays, just as you imagine it, in your mind.

Upgrade Your Business Ambiance and Safety with Expert Lighting Solutions

The lighting professionals from Lights All Year enjoy working with our commercial clients and we have several services that may interest you and serve your commercial needs. The success of a business depends on many factors, including; quality of their products or customer service, location, dependability, atmosphere, and many other factors. As we focus on the atmosphere of your commercial property, one way that you can enhance your surroundings is with effective, unique, and high-quality lighting fixtures. Our team members from Lights All Year have the knowledge that you may need, in order to transform your business from something ordinary to brilliant, in just a little bit of time.
We have lights and lighting designs that will help improve the safety of your property, your clients, and your employees. We also have lighting ideas that will help showcase your commercial property, in a way that is pleasing and attractive to all who visit your premises. We also have lights that can create a unique environment for your particular type of business, whatever the atmosphere is, that you are looking for.

5 Reasons to Choose Lights All Year for Your Commercial Lighting Needs

Explore why Lights All Year is your best choice for commercial lighting. Our experts help you pick the right lights, making your place shine. We do holiday magic, make things look great, and keep everyone safe with our special lights.
Expert Guidance, Maximum Impact
Count on us to help you select impactful lighting features that align with your business goals.
Effortless Holiday Magic
Let us create a festive atmosphere with tailor-made holiday lights, saving you time and stress.
Elevate Ambiance
Our high-quality fixtures transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences.
Safety and Appeal
Our designs enhance safety and visual appeal for your property, clients, and employees.
Tailored Solutions
We offer diverse lighting options to match your unique business and desired ambiance.

You will too

Why would I ever climb on top of my house when I can just hire these guys? I hate heights.
Owner – Atlanta, GA
Our Christmas lights were just outstanding! Talk of the neighborhood!!
They did a great job with responding to initial request and with scheduling my job. They came out on time and finished in a reasonable amount of time. There was a minor issue with one of the lights noticed on the night of install, but I emailed right away and it was fixed the very next day! Happy with everything and will use them again!
Owner - Atlanta, GA
A excellent choice to make your unique holiday lighting display. High quality commercial grade LED lights on a continual custom made wire strand (less plugs) makes for a worry free and safe holiday experience with family and friends. Dedicated and experienced staff from sales on down to the installation crews is backed by their many repeat customers and positive reviews. Book your free estimate early to avoid the rush. October is a good time to set your appointment.
Owner – Atlanta, GA
We were looking for a company to purchase an artificial Christmas tree for us to have in our home, put it up in our house in late November, and pick it up in January and store it for us. Ryan and Brett were able to do exactly this for us! I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for great service that is timely and very accommodating.
Owner – Atlanta, GA
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Partner with Lights All Year for Tailored Commercial Lighting

The professional lighting experts from Lights All Year welcome the opportunity to work with you and learn your lighting ideas and your lighting focus for your commercial property. We want to help any commercial owner or manager within Duluth and the surrounding areas, and beyond, achieve the ideal ambiance for your business, so you can thrive and light up the world around you. If we may be of service to you, then please contact Lights All Year anytime!
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